Who invented the v8 engine?

Answer The invention of the V8 engine is generally credited to Léon Levavasseur, who patented a design for a V8 gasoline-powered engine in 1902.Source:V8 Engine History

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Who invented the gas engine?

According to the Library of Congress, Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach invented the first wheeled, four-stroke gasoline engine called the "Cannstatt-Daimler." This was in 1886 in German... Read More »

Who invented the airplane jet engine?

Sir Frank Whittle, a British Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot and aviation engineer, invented the jet engine. He patented the engine design in 1930 and tested the first prototype in April 1937.Source:Na... Read More »

Who invented the first engine computer?

Charles Babbage is the father of the engine computer. He designed several automatic computing engines but did not build them. His first attempts started in 1821. It took 153 years for people to bui... Read More »

Who invented the hybrid engine?

Alex J. Severinsky invented the hybrid engine through a series of innovations during the 1990s. The engine Severinsky invented is used in the Toyota Prius, explains the University of Maryland. Seve... Read More »