Other uses for a tuba bag?

Answer store potatoes in it that might be good. or your cheese collection. cans of spam. clothes

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How to Play a Tuba?

Tuba is a very important, very misunderstood instrument. You don't get to play the exciting parts in concert band, you get to wear yourself out moving it around, and tuba players can be the butt of... Read More »

How to Clean and Maintain a Tuba?

Tubas are very expensive to purchase, so whether it is yours or your school's, don't let it fall out of good shape.

Can i use windex on my Uba Tuba countertops?

According to the manufacturer, you can clean granite surfaces such as Uba Tuba countertops with glass cleaner. The website Uba Tuba Granite, however, recommends using a stone cleaner or mild soap a... Read More »

What is the difference between a sousaphone&a tuba?

Sousaphones and tubas are both brass instruments that play the bass parts in a band or orchestra. Sousaphones are primarily used in marching bands and sit around the players shoulders.HistoryBands... Read More »