Who invented the traffic cone?

Answer The very first orange traffic cone was invented by an American by the name of Charles P. Rudabaker of New York City. The traffic cone came into existence back in

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Traffic Cone Requirements?

Traffic cones--conical, orange and made of soft plastic--are a familiar sight on American roads. One of the reasons for their familiarity is that their design must meet a number of specifications s... Read More »

How to Become a Traffic Cone Fanatic?

Many people obsess over many different things. One of the rarer and undiscovered things to obsess about are...Traffic cones!

Who was the traffic engineer who invented the traffic signal?

GARRETT MORGAN is the answer for radio trivia:-)sm

Who invented the snow cone?

During the Roman Empire (27 B.C. to A.D. 395), the Romans would put different kinds of syrups onto snow, creating a tasty treat. In 1920, Samuel Bert of Dallas, Texas, invented the first snow cone ... Read More »