Who invented the tow truck?

Answer Ernest Holmes Sr. invented the tow truck in 1916 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Holmes mounted three poles, a pulley and a chain on a Cadillac to help a friend tow his car.Source:Tennessee Trivia

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Who invented the water truck?

On December 14, 1886, the United States Patent Office issued Letter Patent No. 354,515 with Serial No. 204,868 to David Murray of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for his invention he called Street-Sprinkler.... Read More »

Who invented truck air brakes?

The first air brake was the creation of George Westinghouse, an American engineer from New York. In 1872 Westinghouse patented his invention, then founded the Westinghouse Air Brake Company in Pit... Read More »

Who invented the pickup truck?

Henry Ford was the inventor of the first pickup truck, which was released to the United States market on April 25, 1925. Manufactured by the Ford Motor Company, the Model T Runabout sold for $281.0... Read More »

Who invented the dodge truck?

The first Dodge truck was built by brothers John and Horace Dodge, who got their start designing automobile parts for Henry Ford and other automobile manufacturers. The Dodge brothers produced vehi... Read More »