Who invented the touch lamp?

Answer On July 31,1990 Scott M. Kunen from Wantagh, N.Y. received a reissued United States Patent for a touch-controlled switch for a lamp or the like. The original patent was issued to him on May 26, 198... Read More »

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Can I convert a touch lamp to a regular lamp?

Unplug the lamp. Remove the lamp shade, finial and bulb from the socket. Unscrew and remove the touch lamp socket located in the bulb socket. Screw a regular lamp bulb into the lamp and replace the... Read More »

My touch lamp won't work, how come?

There is a sensor in the lamp which detects the extremely slight electrical charge that our bodies naturally produce. This sensor is very sensitive, could be when the bulb burned out it could have ... Read More »

Do you need a special bulb for a touch lamp?

Touch lamps do not require special bulbs to work. The touch ability to turn on and adjust brightness comes from sensors inside the lamp, not the light bulb. Touch lamps were originally created for ... Read More »

How to Replace a Touch Lamp Sensor?

Having a touch lamp, especially one on your bedside table, makes turning your light off and on more convenient. Imagine being able to lay in one spot and simply reach over and touch your lamp like ... Read More »