Why is a tooth brush, called a tooth(singular) brush, when it cleans teethjust a daft one for you!!?

Answer I'm a registered Dental Assistant in the state of California and I don't know the answer to that one- sorry.

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How long do you have to wait after a root canal before you can brush that tooth if it is your front tooth?

Usually on the evening on the day after the procedure.

What color is your tooth brush, and what kind of tooth paste do you use?

my tooth brush is red and the brand of tooth paste that i use is called asda smart price

What is wrong with me having a "teeth brush" instead of a "tooth brush"?

The History of the Tooth Brush?

Tooth brushes are the most commonly used instrument for oral hygiene. The contemporary toothbrush style has evolved from its earlier designs, now identifiable by a long handle and small head with b... Read More »