Who invented the televison?

Answer Philo Taylor Farnsworth, a high school student, and Russian scientist Vladimir Zworykin are both credited for inventing the TV. However, after a long legal battle, the U.S. Patent office in Patent ... Read More »

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What is a televison?

Is eletronic device that receive images from electromagnectic waves.

Great televison for cheap?

The final decision as to what type of flat panel television to purchase (LCD or Plasma) is really up to you; both types of flat panel televisions have advantages and disadvantages.Plasma Television... Read More »

When did Night Gallery air on televison?

Cheesiest televison theme song?

"I'll be there for you..." -FriendsBQ: HELL NO. I hate the show Friends.BQ2: I don't drink wine. BQ3: NahhBQ4: Actually, yes!