Who invented the x-ray telescope?

Answer The invention of the x-ray telescope is attributed to the physicist Hans Wolter. Wolter discovered the specific mirror configuration that produced the x-ray telescope at the University of Kiel in t... Read More »

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Who invented the Hubble telescope?

Astrophysicist Lyman Spitzer Jr. proposed a space telescope in 1946, and he led the committee that lobbied for its construction. The Marshall Space Flight Center designed and constructed the telesc... Read More »

Who invented the first telescope?

Although Galileo is sometimes credited with the invention of the telescope, records indicate that Hans Lipperhey, a spectacle-maker, probably invented the device. Two other residents of the Netherl... Read More »

Who invented the video telescope?

Contrary to popular belief, Galileo did not invent the first video telescope. It began with a spyglass made by a Dutch lens grinder named Hans Lipperhey. Galileo showed the world his first telescop... Read More »

Who invented the non-spherical mirror telescope?

John Hadley, an English mathematician, successfully created the first non-spherical mirror telescope in 1721. Through trial and error, he succeeded in grinding the mirror into the parabolic shape t... Read More »