Who invented the telephone&early hearing aid?

Answer Scotland-born Alexander Graham Bell is credited with inventing the telephone. In 1876, he was rewarded the first U.S. patent for the invention. American-born Harvey Fletcher is credited with invent... Read More »

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Who invented the 1st hearing aid?

Harvey Fletcher created the first working hearing aid while working for Bell Laboratories. He was also credited with developing high-fidelity recording and sound motion pictures. He holds 40 patent... Read More »

What year was the hearing aid invented?

The first electronic hearing aid, called the "Telephone-Transmitter", was invented in 1903 by Miller Reese Hutchinson and Willard S. Mears. However it weighed more than sixteen pounds and was bulky... Read More »

When were hearing aids invented?

The very first hearing aids, ear trumpets, have existed for hundreds of years, and became popular in the 1800's. The first wearable carbon hearing aids were distributed in 1902, though the technolo... Read More »

Who invented the first hearing aids?

Harvey Fletcher is credited with creating the first hearing aid. Harvey Fletcher had a doctorate degree from the University of Chicago in physics. He was the first graduate of the University of Chi... Read More »