Who invented telephone?

Answer Alexander Graham Bell is the one that got a patent first (1876 I think) so he gets the credit but he wasn't the first inventor by any means. Meucci got there way before him Read More »

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Who invented the telephone wire?

Alexander Graham Bell is generally credited with the invention of the telephone, along with the telephone wire. Another inventor, named Elisha Gray, also invented a telephone, but Bell's was patent... Read More »

Who actually invented the telephone?

Who invented the candlestick telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell invented the candlestick telephone in 1892. People used the candlestick telephone, also called the desk stand telephone, until 1926 when Bell invented the desk phone, also cal... Read More »

Who invented the telephone book?

While it is hard to say what specific person invented the telephone book, the very first phone book was issued in the town of New Haven, Connecticut, in 1878, two years after Alexander Graham Bell ... Read More »