Who invented the technology of refrigerators?

Answer In 1834 the first refrigerator was invented in London by an American by the name of Jacob Perkins. Early refrigerators were made of wood and produced a cooling effect using toxic gasses.Source:Univ... Read More »

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Are ice boxes and refrigerators technology?

Who invented refrigerators?

Although the idea of preserving foods by cooling long predated modern refrigeration, it was not until 1834 that the first working refrigerator was built. A Massachusetts inventor named Jacob Perkin... Read More »

What year was the automatic ice maker for refrigerators invented?

There were various automatic ice maker inventions that received patents, including one in 1940 for an ice disperser. Servel, Inc. began testing automatic ice makers in refrigerators in 1949 and rel... Read More »

Who invented blu ray technology?

It was originally invented by Sony. This has become a very contested notion since the emergence of a technology trail going back some 25 years in the Silicon Valley. Patent Office research indicate... Read More »