Who invented the tazer gun?

Answer A physicist, Jack Cover invented the Taser stun gun in the late 1960s. The name is an acronym for Tomas A. Swift Electric Rifle. It is a device that incapacitates people by using an electric shock... Read More »

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Will a tazer kill me?

Tasers are technically considered lethal, but they are not meant to kill, only to temporary immobilize. The place you're supposed to tase is the chest area - below the neck and above the waistline.... Read More »

How many volts are in a tazer gun?

The voltage for a stun gun produced by Taser International can reach up to 50,000 volts. However, not all of the voltage is absorbed by the target. The Advanced Taser M26 delivers around 1,500 volt... Read More »

Can I use a tazer gun as a gerbil Defibrillator?

I take it you will be removing the Gerbil from it's passage before applying the Tazer medication. If not you may want to put some plastic sheet down.

How do tazer guns work?

A tazer is a variation of the stun gun.It fires two electrodes (like needles) at the target. Both the elctrodes have fine wires attached to them. The wire is reeled out (like when someone casts a... Read More »