Who invented the stroboscope?

Answer Harold Eugene Edgerton (or H.E. Edgerton, 1903-1990) invented the stroboscope in 1931 and later improved on his design. The stroboscope is a photography flash that offers repeated flashes at regula... Read More »

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How to Make a Stroboscope?

A stroboscope is a source of discrete flashes. It is used to study the frequency of fast motion.Now lets stop talking science and let us talk about the fun of creating a stroboscope.All you have to... Read More »

Who invented the bullet train and when was it invented?

Japan's "Bullet Train" was developed by Dr. Hideo Shima (1901 - 1998). Dr. Shima began investigations in 1948 and in 1958 it was decided to go ahead with a new line which followed the Tokaido road... Read More »

Who invented pickleball&what year was it invented?

Pickleball was invented in 1965 by Joel Pritchard and Bill Bell. The court included a badminton net that had been lowered to a height of 36 inches. A plastic ball was used along with paddles that w... Read More »

When was the first earbuds invented and who invented it?

I know this sounds weird but where the speaker is suck on it and try using it again