Who invented the stopwatch?

Answer French inventor Nicolas Rieussec invented the stopwatch in 1821 and patented it in 1822. It looked like a regular watch, except that as the dial turned, a small pen marked the time that had passed.... Read More »

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How do I use a stopwatch?

Ready! Holding the StopwatchPlace the stopwatch in either your right or left hand, whichever is most comfortable for you. Locate the button on the top, outer edge of the circle. Place one finger on... Read More »

How do I read a stopwatch?

AnalogRead the number that the smaller hand is pointing at as the minutes. Read the number that the longer hand is pointing at as the seconds. So, if the smaller hand is pointing at 5 and the longe... Read More »

How to Add a Stopwatch to PowerPoint?

Many PowerPoint users like to set their presentations to run in a slideshow while discussing the content and leading the conversation. However, some presentations may call for several slides to fli... Read More »

How to Use iPhone Stopwatch?

iphone stop watchAre you a runner? Do you like to run around a track, but all you have on you to find out how long it took to run a lap is your iPhone? This article will tell you how to use the Sto... Read More »