Who invented the steam autoclave?

Answer French physicist and biologist Charles Chamberland invented the steam autoclave in 1879 as a way to remove microorganisms from equipment. Chamberland worked closely with Louis Pasteur, who develope... Read More »

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Who invented the autoclave?

Charles Chamberlain invented the autoclave in 1879, although Denis Papin created a precursor to the autoclave, known as the "Steam Digester" in 1679. The autoclave is used to sterilize medical inst... Read More »

Where was the first steam boiler invented?

The first documented boiler was invented in Alexandria, Egypt. Heron of Alexandria, a mathematician and inventor who lived in the first century, described it in his work Pneumatica. His steam-power... Read More »

Who invented the steam table?

George W. Kelley invented the steam table, which is a steel container used to keep food warm, in 1897. His invention has the patent number 592591. This invention made it possible to keep food warme... Read More »

Who invented the steam iron?

In 1926 the Eldec Co. introduced the first steam iron. This innovation used steam to help eliminate wrinkles in clothes, improving upon the method of using heat alone to iron garments hand-sprayed ... Read More »