Who invented the staple?

Answer The first staple and stapler were made during the 1700s in France. It was made for King Louis XV. George W. McGill created the first commercial stapler and staples in 1879.Source:The History of the... Read More »

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Who invented the staple gun?

The earliest patent filed with the U.S. Patent office for a staple gun was patent number 2585941, filed on Nov. 23, 1949, by Albert G. Juilfs. The assignee was Senco Products.References:Staple Maga... Read More »

Can a staple cut you?

The edges of a staple are very sharp and can easily puncture your skin.

How to Use a Staple?

A staple is a small piece of metal that is used to fasten sheets of paper together, using a device called a stapler. Usually staples are inserted into a stapler a row at a time, containing enough s... Read More »

How to Buy a Staple Gun?

Staple guns are useful for tough jobs where an ordinary stapler wouldn't have a chance of penetrating the surface. They are ideal for working with upholstery, placing backings on furniture, and for... Read More »