Who invented the square bottom paper bags?

Answer According to, Margaret Knight is responsible for creating the square bottom paper bag. She received a patent for her paper bag making machine, in 1871. However, it was not without a ... Read More »

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Why do people suffering from anxiety attacks breath into brown paper bags and not plastic bags?

because if they use plastic bags they're possibly covering there faces instead of just covering there mouthsANSWER. because they're not stupid enough to use something that can suffocate them, its ... Read More »

How long does it take plastic bags to decompose in a landfill vs. paper bags?

In a landfill, neither a paper bag nor a plastic bag will decompose. Landfills are made to be stable and dry, preventing the decomposition of anything, even biodegradable material, due to the lack ... Read More »

Why do Forever21 shopping bags have "John 3:16" printed on the bottom of the bag?

John 3:16 is one of the most well known Bible verses there is, and the one you have quoted is not it. Forever 21 is just being evangelical without being overtly so, in order not to divert customers... Read More »

What paper is used to make tea bags?

Tea bags are constructed with paper that is made from banana trees located on the Philippine Islands. Once the paper is processed and bleached, it is known as abaca hemp. The inside of paper tea ba... Read More »