Who invented the spring scale?

Answer Richard Salter invented the helical spring scale in Bilston, England in about 1760. He fashioned a spring from an old file to improve a steelyard or weighing device. Salter moved to West Bromwich i... Read More »

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Difference Between Spring Scale & Beam Scale?

A spring scale measures distance that the object is displaced, whereas a beam scale balances the object against another mass. Both measure the mass of an object, although this is commonly referred ... Read More »

DIY Scale Spring?

Springs (coils of elastic metal) are made to either be stretched or compressed. The force it takes to either stretch or compress a spring is equal to the distance it is moved by multiplied by the "... Read More »

How do I read a spring scale?

Table Spring ScalePlace the object to weigh on the top of the scale. Check the face for how the scale measures weight. Wait a few seconds for the springs to settle down, and read the weight indicat... Read More »

Spring Scale Tutorial?

A spring scale is a force measurement device that utilizes a spring, hung alongside a meter stick, to relate the weight of objects to the length by which the object's weight stretches the spring.