Who invented the spring scale?

Answer Richard Salter invented the helical spring scale in Bilston, England in about 1760. He fashioned a spring from an old file to improve a steelyard or weighing device. Salter moved to West Bromwich i... Read More »

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Difference Between Spring Scale & Beam Scale?

A spring scale measures distance that the object is displaced, whereas a beam scale balances the object against another mass. Both measure the mass of an object, although this is commonly referred ... Read More »

What is a spring scale used for?

Spring scales are mainly used for industrial purposes, such as weighing trucks and storage silos. They are cheap and easy to use because they consist simply of a spring fixed to one end of an appar... Read More »

DIY Scale Spring?

Springs (coils of elastic metal) are made to either be stretched or compressed. The force it takes to either stretch or compress a spring is equal to the distance it is moved by multiplied by the "... Read More »

Spring Scale Tutorial?

A spring scale is a force measurement device that utilizes a spring, hung alongside a meter stick, to relate the weight of objects to the length by which the object's weight stretches the spring.