Who invented the spreadsheet?

Answer Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston invented the first spreadsheet in 1978, and they called it VisiCalc. Released to the public in 1979, it came out with the Apple II computer, where it performed simple... Read More »

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When were spreadsheet programs invented?

The first spreadsheet program invented was VisiCalc, created by Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston in 1978. The first versions of VisiCalc were shipped in 1979 and written for the Apple II computer.Ref... Read More »

How to Set Up an Excel Spreadsheet for an IRA?

IRAs are Individual Retirement Accounts that allow an investor to invest a certain amount of money each year before the money is taxed. The annual contributions therefore lower the individual's ta... Read More »

What is an excel spreadsheet?

A spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel is a grid of rows and columns where a user can insert and organize a set of information. This spreadsheet can either be left as is, or can be transformed by Excel ... Read More »

How do I print a spreadsheet?

Print As IsOpen or create a spreadsheet in Excel. Click on the "Office" button, in the top-left corner of the application window. Click on the arrow next to "Print," then on "Print Preview." Click ... Read More »