Who invented the sombrero?

Answer No one knows the name of the person who invented the sombrero, but it was thought to have been developed by Mestizo workers in Mexico, and what is now the Southern U.S. The word is derived from the... Read More »

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How does one get guacamole out of a sombrero?

You need a straw, and a really good sucker.....err....vaccum type thing. Could be biological or cyborg in origin.

How to Make a Kahlua Sombrero?

Kahlua and cream go hand in hand, as Kahlua is a richly-flavored, Mexican coffee liqueur. The Kahlua Sombrero is relatively uncomplicated, compared to other cocktails, because the list of ingredien... Read More »

How to Make Sombrero Hats Out of Paper?

Making a sombrero out of paper is an appropriate project for kids when they are learning about Mexico or Cinco de Mayo. Parties with a Mexican theme are popular with young and old, and creating som... Read More »

Who invented invented the vacuum cleaner?

The first upright vacuum cleaner was invented by a janitor in Canton, Ohio- James Spangler in 1907. On June 2, 1908, he received US Patent Number 889,823 for a Carpet Sweeper and Cleaner.