Who invented the snare drum?

Answer The snare drum dates back to the Middle Ages, roughly 1300 A.D. While there is no definitively known creator of the instrument, it is believed to have been used in Europe during this time. In its o... Read More »

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What's your favourite drum head for the snare drum?

Where did the snare drum originate?

The modern snare drum with screw-tensioned snares originated in England, where it was developed by Cornelius Ward in 1837. The instrument may be traced further back, though, to the medieval tabor f... Read More »

Who made the snare drum?

The snare drum has been in use since fourteenth-century Europe. While determining a specific group or individual who created the drum has not been done, the Tabor (an early predecessor of the snare... Read More »

Who created the first snare drum?

The actual creator of the snare drum is not known. The medieval tabor was the earliest form of the snare drum. A double-headed drum, the tabor increased in size during the 15th century. By the 16th... Read More »