Who invented the smart house?

Answer The idea of smart houses came from the development of X10. Pico Electronics, a company in Scotland, created a system in 1975 that allowed people to talk through the wires in their home. A smart ho... Read More »

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Can i use my smart phone to find another smart phone in my house?

yes, there is this marvelous feature that not only smart phone but all telephone devices can do its called ringing. first dial selected phone number, second press green call button, third be quite ... Read More »

Who invented the MCC Smart Car?

The MCC Smart car was a joint venture between a company called Swatch and Mercedes Benz. The first MCC Smart car was produced in 1998. Swatch's share in the MCC Smart car was sold to Daimler Chrysl... Read More »

What Is Needed for a Smart House?

The idea of the "smart house" is a home that not only makes life easier, but also reduces the overall energy output of your home as measured through the HVAC (heating, ventilating and air condition... Read More »

What makes up a smart house?

A smart house uses a central computer to control the interior environment. The computer adjusts heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC); lighting; electrical appliances; and exterior shad... Read More »