Who invented the slinky toy?

Answer The Slinky was created by Richard James, a Philadelphia-area engineer who, in 1943, was attempting to create a spring that could stabilize equipment aboard ships during World War II. His wife, Bett... Read More »

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What year was slinky invented?

Richard James accidentally discovered the idea behind the slinky in 1943. James was working with tension springs at his job as a naval engineer. The official debut of the slinky came during the 194... Read More »

Who makes the Slinky toy?

Richard James invented the Slinky in 1945 and sold it at Gimbels Department Store in Philadelphia. The toy was an instant success. James called his company James Spring and Wire Company. In 1956, t... Read More »

How to Tattoo Your Slinky?

The finished slinkySome slinkies can be plain. If you have old temporary tattoos you can customize your slinky!

How to Care for Your Slinky?

Maybe your slinky is covered with dust, it's tired of sitting on a shelf without a house, or it's just plain bored! If you want to please your slinky read on.