Who invented the slide ruler?

Answer According to Robert Graf Derrenberger in "A History Of The Slide Rule," the person credited with inventing the slide ruler is the Rev. William Oughtred in 1622. However, Oughtred was building on t... Read More »

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What is a slide ruler?

Long before people relied on calculators for computing numbers, there was the slide ruler, which is also called a slide rule. The slide rule has evolved over the centuries, and there are many diffe... Read More »

Who invented the ruler?

Greek sculptor and architect Theodorus of Samos, or Crete, invented the ruler. This inventor lived in around sixth century BC and was also credited for the key and the water level, among other inve... Read More »

Who invented the 12-inch ruler?

A 12-inch ruler was invented by the Romans. It was a unit of measurement called the pes in Latin, which translates to foot. The standard foot is one third of a yardstick, which was standardized by ... Read More »

What year was the measuring ruler invented?

The first formal measuring ruler was created in 1675. Before that time, basic measurements were based on the "foot," which was either the length of a man's foot or the length of two hand measuremen... Read More »