Who invented the shopping bag?

Answer The invention of the shopping bag dates back to 1852 with the patent of a paper bag machine in the United States by Francis Wolle. Early in the 20th century, Minnesota grocer Walter H. Deubner impr... Read More »

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Who invented shopping bags?

The plastic version of the shopping bag was invented in the 1960s by Sten Gustaf Thulin. Thulin's idea was patented in 1965 by a European company called Celloplast. The patent was overturned in 19... Read More »

Who invented the plastic shopping bag?

The earliest plastic shopping bags can be traced back to the 1950s in the U.S. and Europe. But credit Swedish engineer Sten Gustaf Thulin for creating the plastic shopping bag known and used today.... Read More »

Who invented the paper shopping bag?

The paper shopping bag was invented by Walter Deubner in 1912. Deubner, a grocery store owner in St. Paul, Minnesota, thought creating a shopping bag would increase his business. The Deubner Shoppi... Read More »

Who invented plastic shopping bags?

Sten Gustaf Thulin was a Swedish engineer who invented the plastic shopping bag. His idea was to take a flat plastic tube and make it into bags through a process of folding, welding and die-cutting... Read More »