Who invented the first shoelace?

Answer In March 1790, a British man named Harvey Kennedy invented the shoelace; however, devices that fasten shoes had been around for centuries prior to his shoelace invention. It is reported that he ear... Read More »

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Which country invented the shoelace?

Harvey Kennedy of England generally is credited with inventing shoelaces in 1790, but Ian Fieggen, who runs a website devoted to the fashion, science and fun of shoelaces, says this is an urban myt... Read More »

Who invented the shoelace in 1790?

The shoelace was patented in 1790 by an Englishman named Harvey Kennedy. Although he is credited as the inventor of the shoelace, historians have discovered a number of shoe fastening technologies... Read More »

How to Make a Shoelace?

The standard look of a sneaker requires only a basic pair of shoelaces, but for a few pennies you can make a shoelace that is colorful and trendy to let your feet stand out in a crowd. Before you b... Read More »

What is the end of a shoelace called?

The end of a shoelace is called an aglet. Aglets are usually small plastic caps attached to the ends of the lace, although they can be made many different ways. One way is simply by knotting the en... Read More »