Who invented the security video system?

Answer Marie Van Brittan Brown and her partner, Albert Brown, invented the first security video system in 1966. Her invention was a closed-circuit television security system that had four peep-holes and a... Read More »

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Who invented the adt security system?

ADT started as a telegraph company in 1874 but began making burglary and fire alarm systems between 1910 and 1930 when it was owned by the telecommunications giant AT&T. By 1964 they controlled 80 ... Read More »

Who invented the first security system?

The first security system was patented by Marie Brown and her partner Albert Brown, on December 2, 1969. Brown's invention combined a camera that relayed the image to a secure location, and a remot... Read More »

Who invented the first home security system?

In 1969, Marie Van Brittan Brown, an African-American inventor, received a patent for the first home security system along with her partner Albert Brown. Their home security system consisted of clo... Read More »

Who invented the Social Security system?

Congress passed the Social Security Act of 1935 during the term of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Social Security payments went into effect in 1942 to workers who reached 65 that year. Social Security's in... Read More »