Who invented the security camera?

Answer The inventor of the home security system is Marie V.B. Brown. The patent (#3,482,037) for the home security system was filed with United States Patent and Trademark Office on December 2, 1969. The ... Read More »

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Who invented security tags?

Henry J. Martens and Jan Vanderbult of Massachusetts received patent #3911534 for their Anti-Theft Fastening Device on October 14, 1975. This device was the original security tag that is still in ... Read More »

Who invented the adt security system?

ADT started as a telegraph company in 1874 but began making burglary and fire alarm systems between 1910 and 1930 when it was owned by the telecommunications giant AT&T. By 1964 they controlled 80 ... Read More »

Who invented the security video system?

Marie Van Brittan Brown and her partner, Albert Brown, invented the first security video system in 1966. Her invention was a closed-circuit television security system that had four peep-holes and a... Read More »

Who invented the first security system?

The first security system was patented by Marie Brown and her partner Albert Brown, on December 2, 1969. Brown's invention combined a camera that relayed the image to a secure location, and a remot... Read More »