How to Build a Rubberband Car?

Answer Learning the difference between potential and kinetic energy is an essential concept for any young science scholar to grasp. Despite its importance, many teachers have difficulty demonstrating thes... Read More »

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How to Make a Rubberband Recurve Bow?

Ever wanted to do an office war with your friends but had no weapon? This amazing modified paperclip bow is the weapon for you. Not only does it performs about 10 times better than normal paperclip... Read More »

How to Make a Rubberband Chain?

Bored with a bunch of rubber bands? Make a chain! It's really easy and fun to play with.

Braces & rubberband question?

Jab a straw into your trachea and insert smoothie.

How to Make a Rubberband Catapult?

Bored? Got nothing to do? Why not try making a rubber band catapult?