Who invented the round-bottomed flask?

Answer The round-bottomed flask was invented by German chemist Wilhelm Schlenk to perform chemical experiments on air-sensitive compounds. He invented a flask system using a sidearm with a valve that allo... Read More »

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Who invented the round bottomed flask?

Wilhelm Johann Schlenk, a German organic chemist, invented the round bottomed flask. Also known as the Schlenk flask, it has a stopcock to allow for gasses to enter or be released. Made in differen... Read More »

Who invented the flat bottomed brown paper bag?

Francis Wolle invented the paper bag in 1852. He also invented the machine that produced them in mass so they could be sold in bulk. He later installed machines in both France and England.Resources... Read More »

Who invented the Florence flask?

A Florence flask is a type of beaker used in lab testing, with a bulbous bottom half and a straight top half for pouring. The inventor of the Florence flask is a German chemist named Richard "Emil"... Read More »

Who invented the vacuum flask?

The vacuum flask was invented by Sir James Dewey in 1892. This was a breakthrough because it allowed liquids to be stored and kept warm for an extended period of time.Source:Cryogenic Society of A... Read More »