Who invented the rotary egg beater?

Answer The rotary egg beater we know of today--hand cranked, counter-clockwise moving whisks--was invented in 1870 by Turner Williams of Providence, Rhode Island. His was an improvement upon the existing ... Read More »

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Who invented the rotary engine?

In 1957 Felix Wankel invented the rotary engine, most commonly known for its use in Mazda's RX-7 and RX-8. Wankel was a German engineer. He first thought of the rotary engine in 1919, when he was o... Read More »

Who invented the rotary phone?

According to, the rotary telephone was invented and patented by Antoine Barnay in France in 1923. In 1927, Barnay also received a patent for a "system for transmitting electrical imp... Read More »

Who invented the rotary dining table?

The patent issued for the rotary dining table is dated 1889. The inventor was Daniel Johnson of Kansas City, Kansas. The rotary table design allows service to everyone seated at the table from the ... Read More »

Where was the rotary disc sander invented?

The rotary disc sander was invented in Portland, Ore., in 1980 by Flemming E. Jensen. This invention is often used in projects involving sanding, such as hardwood-flooring installation or drywall s... Read More »