Who invented the first rocking chair?

Answer Many credit Benjamin Franklin with the invention of the rocking chair, but he simply added a fan to the rocking chair. The rocking chair was first defined in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1787, ... Read More »

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Who invented the first grandfather rocking chair?

The exact origin of the grandfather rocking chair is unknown. A will was discovered in the early 1700s mentioning a Windsor chair, which is a type of rocking chair. It is assumed that the rocking c... Read More »

What year was the rocking chair invented?

The exact year the rocking chair was invented is unknown, but examples of it from the 17th century are the earliest that can be found. These come from New England, Great Britain and Sweden.Source:"... Read More »

What American statesman invented the rocking chair?

Benjamin Franklin was an American statesman who invented the rocking chair. He is also credited with inventing bifocal spectacles, daylight savings time and the lightning conductor. He was the firs... Read More »

How to Refinish a Rocking Chair?

A wooden rocking chair is a handsome addition to any living space. It adds a touch of warmth and country style to any home. Often rocking chairs may need to be refinished after many years of wear a... Read More »