How to Dance Like a Robot?

Answer While many dances require special skills and training --- not to mention rhythm --- just about anyone can do the robot dance; you just need to know the basic steps. The key to dancing like a robot... Read More »

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Who invented the 1st robot?

According to Agnes Jasinski in a July 2008 for "The Gazette" in Maryland, artist Leonardo da Vinci invented the first robot in 1495. The da Vinci surgical robot is named for the Renaissance artist.... Read More »

Who invented the robot money box&when?

The robot money box is a robot that also serves as a money bank. While there may be various kinds of robot money banks, one of the first patents was filed in 1987 by Hiroshi Horiuchi, a Japanese in... Read More »

What was the first computer robot invented?

According to the University of Texas at Austin, the first robot created using computerized technology was nicknamed the UNIMATE. The robot was created by the Unimation company formed in 1956 to cre... Read More »

What episode did Chiro meet the robot monkeys and the super robot?

It tells you in the theme song. Theme song summary:"Chiro is wandering around shuggazoom and finds an abandoned super robot. He then woke up the monkeys. {Sprx77 Gibson Nova Antauri Otto} Chiro is ... Read More »