Who invented the retractable dog leash?

Answer There are two different patents held on the retractable dog leash and at least three different inventors. One inventor is Billy G. Crutchfield from Bruce, Michigan. The other two inventors are Jame... Read More »

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Who invented the retractable landing gear for airplanes&when?

There was no single inventor of retractable landing gear. Early planes had fixed landing gear, with the exception of J.W. Wartin's Kitten (1917), the Dayton Wright RB-1 (1920) and the Verville Spe... Read More »

Who invented the retractable landing gear on airplanes&when did they do it?

According to the United State Patent and Trademark Office, the first U.S. patent for retractable landing gear on an airplane was awarded to American Paul G. Zimmerman and Russian Boris V. Korvin-Kr... Read More »

I have iPhone earbuds with a mic and I want to rig it up to some kind of retractable spool. Is there a product that can add onto your earphones to act as a retractable spool?

Hi visit once site and i hope you can find there.

How to Connect Retractable Screens?

Many modern cellular phones come with retractable front screens that raise to reveal a keypad. This is a convenient feature but it can make screen replacement a little tricky. Even though these scr... Read More »