Who invented the razor scooter?

Answer Gino Tsai designed and manufactured the trendy Razor Scooter. Tsai was the president of the J.D. Corporation, a Taiwan-based bicycle parts factory. He initially unveiled his creation at a 1998 conv... Read More »

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How to Replace the Scooter Grips on a Razor Scooter?

The handlebar grips are always the first thing to wear out on a kick scooter. After about 6-9 months of regular riding the grips are either torn, missing completely or filled with dirt, sweat and g... Read More »

How to Do Razor Scooter Tricks?

Razor scooters have become popular with riders of all ages. This guide offers many different tricks that you can learn for your razor scooter. Some are basic, while others are more complex and dang... Read More »

How to Ollie on a Razor Scooter?

To ollie on a razor scooter is by far the easiest trick. Once mastered, you can jump off, onto, and over things.

How to Add a Seat to a Razor Kick Scooter?

The Seat you will Need. A Razor ScooterThis tutorial will teach you how to add an official Razor brand seat to your Razor Kick Scooter (models with aluminum footboard only). Adding a seat may enhan... Read More »