Who invented the rain gauge?

Answer The first standardized rain gauge was invented by King Sejong and Prince Munjong of Korea in 1441 as a means to help measure farmers' potential harvest for taxation. Sir Christopher Wren of Great B... Read More »

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What is a rain gauge used for?

Rain gauges are used to measure precipitation. This includes not only rain, but snow, sleet and hail. It can also be used to measure how much water is being put out by sprinkler systems.Source:Colb... Read More »

What is a rain gauge?

A rain gauge is an instrument designed to measure the amount of rainfall by collecting rainwater. Rain gauges usually involve a plastic or glass tube with marked levels, indicating the amount of ra... Read More »

What does a rain gauge measure?

A rain gauge is used to determine the quantity of precipitation. Rain gauges commonly are used to measure amounts of rainfall to the nearest hundredth inch, but they can also be used to measure sno... Read More »

How do I measure a rain gauge?

Proper InstallationInstall a rain gauge in an open area securely, so wind and rain will not tip or tilt the device. Optimal placement is 2 to 6 feet from the ground and away from tall obstructions... Read More »