Who invented the radio vacuum tube?

Answer The origins of the vacuum tube are found in Thomas Edison's accidental invention of the diode in 1884, which he did by inserting a sheet of metal between two glowing filaments while working on the ... Read More »

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Who invented the vacuum tube?

While perfecting the light bulb in 1883, Thomas Edison accidentally discovered electric current can travel through a vacuum without the assistance of wire, according to the Public Broadcasting Serv... Read More »

Who invented the triode vacuum tube?

Lee De Forest invented the triode vacuum tube in 1906. He did so by adding a third electrode, known as grid, between the filament and the plate of a diode. It enabled the amplification of a weak vo... Read More »

Who invented the radio tube?

The radio tube, also known as a vacuum tube, had precursors that scientists and inventors Thomas Edison, John Ambrose Fleming and Arthur Wehnelt worked on. However, it was Lee de Forest who improve... Read More »

What is a vacuum tube?

Vacuum tubes were the predecessors of transistors--essentially, high-voltage amplification devices that made many of technological advances possible. New technologies--some involving microwaves--ar... Read More »