Who invented the'QWERTY'keyboard?

Answer According to, Christopher Sholes invented the QWERTY keyboard arrangement in 1868. The QWERTY keyboard layout first arrived on a typewriter and evolved into the standard keyboard t... Read More »

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When Was the Qwerty Keyboard Invented?

Christopher Latham Sholes, the creator of the percussive strike typewriter, created the QWERTY keyboard in 1873. It was designed to prevent keys from jamming while typing quickly. Although it was n... Read More »

Who invented the alternative keyboard layout for the QWERTY?

August Dvorak invented the Dvorak keyboard layout, the most popular alternative to the standard QWERTY design. Dvorak was granted a patent for his invention in 1936. Some believe that the Dvorak la... Read More »

Who invented the QWERTY keyboard typewriter and in what year?

Christopher Sholes invented the QWERTY layout of letters of the typewriter in 1874. QWERTY refers to the first six letters of the keyboard, which is still in use, as of 2010. The public has never a... Read More »

Who invented the QWERTY keyboard and when was the first model built?

Christopher Sholes built the first QWERTY keyboard, the configuration of keys used on computers. Sholes introduced the keyboard on a typewriter he made in 1868. He was born on February 14, 1819, in... Read More »