Who invented the projection TV?

Answer With the aim of achieving the brightest, clearest picture ever, the Phillco company commissioned engineers to develop the Micro-Lens Projection System in 1948. It's predecessor, the vacuum tube TV,... Read More »

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Who invented rear screen projection?

The first U.S. patent issued for a rear screen projection system was patent 663266 issued in December of 1900 to Arden Seymour Fitch. Its purpose was "production of scenic representations upon the... Read More »

What is better front projection or rear projection TV?

What is a dlp projection tv?

DLP uses miniature mirrors to project the image, while LCD uses a mini LCD screen to project the image.At the heart of every DLP® projection system is an optical semiconductor known as the Digital... Read More »

Projection screen tv?

If it's a rear projection tv color is determined by the color wheel. Maybe it got broken in the move. Do a search on how to check it for your exact model and take a look at it. If it's broken, p... Read More »