What was used before the printing press?

Answer Before Johannes Gutenberg invented the modern printing press, books and pictures were printed using xylography. Blocks of wood, or clay, were carved and then covered in ink before being pressed on ... Read More »

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What is a digital printing press?

A digital printing press, unlike traditional printing presses, uses digital information to produce text and images on a substrate, such as paper. In general, these presses do not use plates or come... Read More »

How to Run an Offset Printing Press?

Offset printing presses vary greatly in size and process. However there are a few basic principles that will help get you started in this high tech industry.

Benefits of the Printing Press on Education?

Perhaps no other invention has had such a profound influence on human lives as the printing press. Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in the 15th century and within ten years printing p... Read More »

How did the printing press change the world?

Science, Politics, Warfare, and Technology were all "Advanced" by the mass communication of mechanical movable print.Books, Newspapers, Magazines, would not be possible.Block Printing and Stencils ... Read More »