Who invented the pressure cooker?

Answer Denis Papin, a French mathematician and physicist, invented the first pressure cooker in 1679, which consisted of a cast-iron pot with a tight-fitting lid. The pressure inside the container raised ... Read More »

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Will Presto pressure cooker gaskets fit a Mirro pressure cooker?

While a Presto gasket may appear to fit on a Mirro pressure cooker, it is not for use with the Mirro brand. Using a gasket not manufactured or recommended for a specific pressure cooker can cause s... Read More »

Electric Pressure Cooker Vs. Slow Cooker?

Electric pressure cookers cook foods quickly where as slow cookers, as the name implies, take four hours or more. Both appliances are assets in a well-equipped kitchen. Does this Sp... Read More »

Does a Pressure Relief Valve on a Pressure Cooker Pop Up During Use?

Whether a pressure relief valve on a pressure cooker pops up during use depends on the type of pressure cooker you have. More modern pressure cookers use either rising valve stems that pop up or ro... Read More »

Is a pressure cooker the same as a pressure canner?

Pressure cookers are smaller than pressure canners and are used to quickly cook foods to be served immediately. They are not intended to be used in the canning process as they may fail to maintain ... Read More »