Who invented the power plate?

Answer Guus van der Meer, a member of the Olympic coaching team in the Netherlands, invented the Power Plate in 1999. The Power Plate is an exercise machine with a vibrating platform to stand on while doi... Read More »

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What is a Power Plate?

According to the company website, Power Plate is a vibration-exercise machine. The machine utilizes vibrations to activate muscle contractions and may improve blood pressure, increase muscle streng... Read More »

Power Plate My3 Medical Effects?

The Power Plate My3 has become a piece of standard kit in high-end gyms across the U.S. and Europe, thanks to endorsements by celebrities like Madonna and Sting. Standing on this vibrating platform... Read More »

What is the function of a solar power plate?

A solar power plate, or panel as it is often called in the United States, absorbs the solar power of sunlight and converts that solar power into electricity. Solar power plates are generally flat s... Read More »

Who invented the hot plate?

The first electric hot plate was created by George B. Simpson in 1859. The electric hot plate was invented before the electric stove, which didn't appear until 1882. The hot plate continues to be a... Read More »