Who invented the potter's wheel?

Answer Some 2,000 years before Christ, the Egyptians began using the potter's wheel. Although many surrounding civilizations may have tinkered with the idea of the wheel, the Egyptians are known as the fi... Read More »

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What causes potters syndrome?

Generally it is the lack of loss of amniotic fluid in the womb. Amniotic fluid is used to nourish the foetus as well as provide safety so it does no bounce around everywhere. However, because there... Read More »

Who invented the three wheel car?

Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, an engineer in the French Army, is recognized as the inventor of the first three-wheeled vehicle, which was both self-propelled and able to transport a person. Cugnot built h... Read More »

Who invented the pottery wheel?

The first pottery wheel was invented shortly after the invention of the wheel. The pottery wheel was invented sometime in the third millennium B.C. in Mesopotamia, according to Ceramics Today. The ... Read More »

Who invented the English wheel?

While the specific inventor of the English wheel is unknown, jewelry makers began to use small versions in central Europe several hundred years ago. By 1900, English craftsmen had refined the tool ... Read More »