Who invented Post-Its?

Answer Post-It notes were invented by the efforts of two men. Spencer F Silver invented the low-tack adhesive in 1968. Years later Arthur L. Fry applied the adhesive to paper and introduced his idea for r... Read More »

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Who invented the lamp post?

The first lamp post, also called a street lamp, was invented in 1875 by a Russian man named Pavel Yablochkov. The lamp post featured an arc lamp that was referred to as an electric candle.Source:Ab... Read More »

Who invented Post-it paper?

Art Fry invented the Post-it note in the 1970s. Fry's invention first surfaced when he developed the need for a reliable, reusable bookmark. The paper uses a low-tack adhesive, strong enough to hol... Read More »

Who invented the twin-post lift?

Twin-post lifts allow a car mechanic to work completely under a vehicle.Benwil Industries, in 1979, was the first company to implement these twin-post lifts.The earliest vehicle lifts could hold up... Read More »

Who invented the post hole digger?

According to PatentStorm, the inventor and patent-holder of the post hole digger is Ronald E. Harleman. The post hole digger works as a double-bladed shovel to dig a hole in rocky soil in order to ... Read More »