Who invented the portable weighing scale?

Answer John Hunter of Tabor, Iowa, invented the portable weighing scale, which was used mainly for weighing items like flour, sugar, butter and lard. His invention received its patent on November 3, 1896.... Read More »

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Who invented the weighing scale in 1896?

J.H. Hunter, an African-American inventor, patented the weighing scale on November 3, 1896. It was patent number 570, 533. The weighing scale is used to determine the weight or mass of an object or... Read More »

What year was the weighing scale invented?

The first weighing scale, called the Jolly balance, was made by the German physicist Philipp Johann Gustave von Jolly, and was invented in 1874. The inventor was a professor at the University of Mu... Read More »

How do I read a scale by weighing grams?

Carburetor Float Weight Scales (Hanging Scales)Verify accuracy by attaching a nickel to float weight scales (a type of hanging scale). Verify the nickel weighs 5 g. Clip the object to weigh to the ... Read More »

Who invented the weighing scales?

Weighing objects can be traced back to the Egyptian period. It was Leonardo Da Vinci, however, who created the first recorded, self-indicating scale. Da Vinci's scales involved an object being plac... Read More »