Who invented the portable toilet?

Answer There is no one inventor for the portable toilet. It was created by the ship-building yards of Long Beach, Calif. in the 1940s in response to the need to save costs on bathroom trips for workers. T... Read More »

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Who invented the bus portable toilet?

The first instance of a portable toilet being put on a mode of transportation was in California in the 1940s. A ship builder asked a pumping company to build a toilet that he could keep on his ship... Read More »

What year was the portable toilet invented?

The portable toilet was invented sometime in the 1940s. The toilet came about in the shipbuilding yards of California when builders realized how much time and money they lost each time a laborer ha... Read More »

Treatment for a Portable Toilet?

There are several treatments available to use in your portable toilet, just as there are several types of portable toilets. These range from a seat placed over a bucket lined with a black plastic b... Read More »

Portable Toilet Instructions?

Portable toilets have been around for centuries in one form or another. People used chamber pots to keep from walking to the outhouse at night. Campers and hunters use portable toilets in the woods... Read More »