Who invented the polarizing light microscope?

Answer In 1828, William Nicol invented the polarizing light microscope. Nicol's prism caused light-wave vibrations to take on a clear form. This device is often used to study different kinds of minerals a... Read More »

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When was the compound light microscope invented?

The first compound light microscope was invented in 1597 by Zaccharias and Hans Janssen, two Dutch eyeglass makers. Their primitive designs could only reach a magnification of up to 10x, according ... Read More »

What year was the light microscope invented?

August Kohler developed a light source for microscopes in 1880 based on the resolution theories of Ernst Abbe in 1873. Abbe went on to develop an apochromatic objective that brought blue, red and y... Read More »

Who invented the compound light microscope?

The invention of the first microscope is credited to Zacharias Jansen and his father, Hans Jansen, two Dutch spectacle makers. In 1597, they discovered that when two lenses were arranged in a tube ... Read More »

What year was the common light microscope invented?

The first light microscope was invented in by Dutch inventors Hans Janssen and his son, Zacharias about 1595. The tubular piece is thought to have magnified three to nine times normal size.Source:E... Read More »