Who Invented the Pocket Knife?

Answer The pocket knife is the one item that is like a man's second skin--it never leaves his side. The pocket knife is perfect for anyone, as this is a small knife that folds small enough to fit into a p... Read More »

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When&where were pocket knives invented?

Pocket knives where invented in the first century in Rome. The pocket knife did not gain popularity until the 16th century, when people started traveling with knives and other utensils.Source:Wise ... Read More »

Who invented the Pocket Fisherman?

Samuel Popeil, father of famed inventor and television pitchman Ron Popeil, invented the Pocket Fisherman. Ron Popeil has sold the Pocket Fisherman through his company Ronco since 1963. He began hi... Read More »

When was the pocket knife invented?

The pocket knife was first invented in Rome during the first century. It became popular, which led to other larger blade knives. In the 16th century, the compact traveling knife became another popu... Read More »

When was the first pocket watch invented?

Peter Henlein, a German locksmith, is largely credited with the invention of the pocket watch sometime in the early 1500s. The early pocket watches were hardly "pocket-sized" but were portable and ... Read More »