Who invented the first plow?

Answer In 1837, blacksmith John Deere created the first polished-steel plow able to cut furrows in Midwest prairie soil. In 1838, he started manufacturing plows with his company, John Deere manufacturer.S... Read More »

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Who invented the moldboard plow?

The Chinese invented the iron moldboard plow, which was available for use by the first century B.C. The design was much better than the models used by the Greeks and Romans.Source:China Culture: Ir... Read More »

Who Invented the Bottom Plow?

John Deere had already been producing plows for two decades when he partnered up with inventor Robert W. Furnas in 1863. Furnas helped Deere produce a plow that people could ride, and in 1864 they ... Read More »

Who invented the seeder plow?

The seeder plow is an very old invention, it was first used in ancient Mesopotamia. The design of the plow included a central chute that dropped seeds into the plowed furrows.Source:The Oriental In... Read More »

Who invented the steel moldboard plow?

John Deere invented the steel moldboard plow in his blacksmith shop in Vermont in 1837. That same year, he began his agricultural company, Deere & Company. It was the first plow of its kind to be s... Read More »