Who invented the platform shoe?

Answer The invention of the platform shoe cannot be attributed to one individual. Evidence of men and women wearing platform shoes have been found in ancient images from China, Greece, Turkey and Japan. P... Read More »

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When was the platform bed invented?

In Egypt (3000 B.C. to 1000 B.C.), commoners slept on simple beds, while lavishly decorated wooden beds were reserved for pharaohs. Four animal-shaped legs supported the frame on which lay woven m... Read More »

Who invented the tap shoe?

In the 1910s, vaudeville dancers invented the first tap shoes by adding metal plates to the soles of leather shoes. Tap dancers before that time used wooden-soled shoes. The first tap dancers used... Read More »

How do I get from Platform 1 to Platform A at St. Pancras Railway Station and how long will it take?

Come out of the barriers at Platform 1, down the escalators immediately opposite to the lower concourse, and then follow the signs down the stairs to platform A - it is underground, practically und... Read More »

Who invented the horse shoe?

It is not precisely know who or when horse shoeing was invented; however, books on the subject are written by Gesner and date as far back as 1551. J.P. Mgnin was quoted as saying in 1865, "Place t... Read More »